clearview is a contemporary art project with its base on Fountayne Road, Tottenham (Haringey, North London). clearview is a residency program, a project space,
a series of events and a collective, dedicated to the vision of invited practitioners.

clearview was founded in 2016 and is run by:
Canan Batur
Cédric Fauq
Nilz Källgren
Raoul Klooker
Cristina Vasilescu





'Open Archive'
Shanzhai Lyric in residence
(10/08/18 - 31/08/18)

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Christophe De Rohan Chabot
(20/06/18 - 19/08/18)
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Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski, Cudelice Brazelton, Christophe De Rohan Chabot, Àngels Díaz Miralda Tena, Ion Dumitrescu, Mati Jhurry & Nilz Källgren, Isaac Lythgoe, Anna McMahon, Santiago Mostyn, Alex Pain, Mathias Pfund, Matilda Tjäder, Dominique White

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'Poetic Procedures #8 (a watery we)'
Pontus Pettersson
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'The End'
Alex Padfield
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'Chew, if only you could see'
Jack O'Brien
(09/03/18 - 08/04/18)
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'Meine Welt'
(27/02/18 - 22/04/18)

clearview, Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite, Dimitris Gketsis, Alexandra Koumantaki, Kareem Lotfy, Eva Papamargariti, Valinia Svoronou, Yannis Voulgaris
(08/12/17 - 14/12/17)
@ Romantso, Athens
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'The Ouroboros in the Cul-de-Sac (Part 1)'
Alex turgeon
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'Hot Retaliations (and Other Acts of Revenge) #I'
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'Climate | Change'
Tenant of Culture
(03/08/17 - 27/08/17)
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Simon Brossard & Julie Villard, free.yard, Monika Kalinauskaitė & Monika Janulevičiūtė, Kinke Kooi, Precious Okoyomon, Paul Purgas
(12/07/17 - 22/07/17)
@ exoexo, paris
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'A Midsummer Night's Remedy'
Bora Akıncıtürk & Pierre ClemenT
(01/07/17 - 23/07/17)
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'yonder x return'
Josefina Nelimarkka
(10/06/17 - 25/06/17)
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'Dissecting the Archive'
Jakob Rowlinson
(26/05/17 - 04/06/17)
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'And See the Land Where Corals Lie...'
Raphaël Moreira Gonçalves
(20/05/17 - 22/05/17)
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Teddy May de Kock
(05/05/17 - 07/05/17)
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'Adult World'
curated by EXOEXO
(15/04/17- 30/04/17)
@ clearview hq

w/ Mathis Collins, Andrew Mania, François Maurin,
Elsa Philippe
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Jala Wahid
(17/03/17- 14/04/17)
@ Deptford X
curated by clearview
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'Let Your Animation Run Wild'
Thomas Hämén
(11/03/17 - 09/04/17)
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Jala Wahid
(09/02/17- 05/03/17)
@ clearview hq
(Facebook Event) (Images) (See KubaParis / AQNB)

'Fighting With the Sun'
Lito Kattou
(28/01/17 - 05/02/17)
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(Facebook Event) (Images) (See AQNB / Daily Lazy / KubaParis)

'(We're behaving like) Insects'
Laura O'Neill
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Opening hours
Saturday - Sunday
from 2 to 6pm
+ by appointments


clearview hq
Unit 7b High Cross Center Fountayne Road London N15 4QN
(Seven Sisters / Tottenham Hale)