Saturday 19 November, the headquarters will house clearview’s inauguratory event, through multiple events.
A project space based in a converted warehouse, located in an area increasingly subject to urban redevelopment.
A series of events will inquire into politics of the host, its guests - altogether in the form of a housewarming.
Several events make a shattered whole that may cause diplomatic challenges. The host and the hostile is related by definition.

James Capper
Racheal Crowther
Tenant of Culture
Abigail Fletcher-Drye
Sean Lavelle
Lindsey Mendick
Matilda Moors
Lucia Quevedo
Alicia Reyes McNamara
Alicia Tsigarides

Patrick Goddard
Lola Gonzalez
Thomas Hämén
Santiago Mostyn
Laura O’Neill
Jaako Pallasvuo
Ondine Vinao

Frederique Pisuisse
Victoria Sin

Jack Brindley
Sophie Hoyle
Aron Kullander-Östling

Bedroom Conversations
“Politics of the Solo Show”
Paul Maheke,
Milika Muritu &
Adam Saad

clearview DJ's

Podcast by Frederique Pisuisse