11.03.17 - 09.04.17

Let Your Animation Run Wild is a science-fiction documentary by Thomas Hämén, told through objects, video and physical sensations.
An abstract for which is best articulated through a number of events:

40 000 BC
Animal blood was used for the first time as we know it by Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthalensis to make paintings in red on cave walls.

1951 AD
Color TV is invented. Different phosphors help to create different colors and while there's many options for creating green and blue, the bright red color was and still today can only be created by the rare earth element Europium (Eu). Named after Europe and currently monopolized by China, this mineral serves as the red pigment of all digital imagery today.

2009 AD
The "Red screen of death" is introduced in the beta version of Windows Vista as alternative to the classic blue screen following a fatal system error. The red color however was said to cause unease and even cases of heart-failure among users and the red screen of death was removed from Windows Vista in Build 5112.

2017 AD
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change writes in their gloomiest forecast that the top of our planet will have its first ice-free summer in year 2050.

2032 AD
Skynet creates T-1000, a shapeshifting android composed entirely of a "mimetic polyalloy". The android is sent back in time to find and kill John Connor and by doing that wipe out the human race.

190 Million AD
When seabirds became extinct, the skies became an available niche, which became occupied by Ocean Flish. They have evolved over millions of years from a fish-like ancestor. They are not like fish that we know, but have developed true flight, just as successfully as birds and bats did.

Thomas Hämén

All images courtesy the artist and clearview - credits: Thomas Hämén.